Selling Your Business

Perspectives On Selling Your Business

  • Requires a complete understanding of the Seller’s goals and objectives
  • No cookie cutter process. Every client is different so process must be customized to clearly address individual company goals and objectives
  • Realistic and achievable expectations result from a market-based approach to business valuation
  • A structured, well-organized and controlled sales process including both strategic and financial buyers
  • Select the appropriate selling methodology to maximize results:

    ► Negotiated sale versus controlled auction

    ► Broad-based auction versus limited target auction

    ► Time-sensitive sales process and auctions to minimize disruption and delays

    ► Strategic buyers versus financial buyers

    ► Custom arrangements like pre-emptive transactions

    ► 2-Step Process to “test the market” prior to long-term commitment

There is no time like the present. No one can predict the future.

-A commonly asked question – When is the Best Time to Sell?
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