Differentiated M&A Process

  • Interested In Selling Your Business
  • Unsure If There Will Be Sufficient Buyer Interest In Your Company
  • Concerned About Upfront Costs & Unknown Outcomes
  • Concerned About Confidentiality

Beechwood has created a differentiated and innovative “Two-Step Phased Process” to efficiently sell your company


Phase 1:

OBJECTIVE: Determine Degree of Buyer Interest Over a 1 to 2 Month Period with Minimal Cost & Risk

  • Conduct preliminary due diligence on business
  • Prepare a generic/no name teaser on your business (“Teaser”)
  • Send the Teaser to our extensive network of strategic and financial buyers
  • Field inquiries and determine how many parties are interested in executing a non-disclosure agreement (“NDA”) to learn more about the business
  • Based upon the quality and quantity of responses, Company can terminate the process with no further obligation/cost or proceed to Phase 2

Phase 2:

OBJECTIVE: Formally Introduce the Company to Buyers and Proceed with a Transaction

  • Expand due diligence
  • Prepare more extensive marketing materials (“Marketing Materials”)
  • Send NDA to interested parties for execution
  • Distribute Marketing Materials to parties who signed NDA’s
  • Expand buyer list with company input and approval
  • Prepare a virtual data room (“VDR”) with company information and make available to buyers
  • Track buyer activity in the VDR
  • Create an ongoing FAQ document (frequently asked questions) for buyers
  • Set up calls and meetings with management
  • Create a Process Letter establishing procedures, requirements and timelines for buyers
  • Receive and review offers with company and its professionals
  • Negotiate offers
  • Choose final buyer
  • Assist company professionals with definitive documentation
  • Close transaction

If speed is a priority, we can shorten the process by utilizing a more traditional approach by combining Phases 1 and 2. We can then formally market the business in a compressed timeframe which would require a more definitive company commitment from the onset.

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