Selling in Uncertain Times

How do you know if anyone will be interested in your business in volatile and uncertain times?  This is a question that we hear on a regular basis due to the current economic environment.

  1. Approach

Beechwood has developed an efficient, low-cost method of exploring whether there is any market interest in your business. We prepare a detailed “teaser” (business name and location not specifically disclosed) and send it out to a wide universe of buyers who we know would have interest in your industry. We then get real-time feedback and analysis allowing for prudent decision-making.

  1. Timing and Costs

This process takes from one to two months and there are limited and modest monthly fees compared to traditional engagement fees. If enough potential buyers express interest, we can move forward with a more traditional sales process. Otherwise, the process is terminated without any future commitment. The choice is ultimately yours!

Don’t let uncertainty get in the way of your financial planning. There are ways to assess the market without risk or great expense.

If you’re looking to sell your business, Beechwood Capital Advisors has the methodology and resources to help you do it with little risk and upfront cost

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