Sell Your Company 

Beechwood assists corporate managers, boards and business owners by utilizing its expertise  to increase marketability and maximize the sales price received for businesses.

Our experience in readying companies for sale, conducting a controlled process to find the right buyer and negotiating transactions will optimize the terms of a transaction to meet our client’s objectives and the desire to maximize the inherent value built-up in the business.

Beechwood works with companies to identify credible buyers for business units that no longer fit into the business strategy of the parent company. 

Beechwood manages the complex process of selling a business to both strategic and financial buyers to maximize shareholder value for its clients through a well-designed controlled process including auctions of varying types, pre-emptive arrangements and other customized arrangements.

The goals and objectives of every client are different
so every engagement Beechwood undertakes involves a specifically designed transaction process to maximize these specific objectives and ultimately find the right buyer. 

In short, we help you navigate the complexities and uncertainties of selling.

Typical Approach: Sell-Side Engagement

The timeline and process below is representative of a typical transaction.
Note: The timeline can be compressed (or lengthened) based upon the pre-sale preparedness.


Thorough understanding of your goals and objectives, this is our base preparation


Organizational meeting

Gather due diligence and data room information

Complete preparation of offering materials

Finalize potential buyer list 


Create a market-driven valuation, align expectations, and go to market


Contact potential buyers

Distribute offering materials

Prepare for on-site due
diligence and Phase II

Receive non-binding indications of interest 


Structure and organize sales process and methodology for bidding


Create a database of potential buyers - stratetic & financial

Select potential buyers to market and distribute marketing materials after receiving NDA's

Potential buyers conduct due diligence

Receive final, binding bids 


Analyze options, select the best buyer(s), negotiate & close


Review final, binding bids with Company

Select finalist(s) & negotiate

Negotiate definitive agreement

Sign definitive agreement


Week 1 to Week 5

Week 6 to Week 12

Week 13 to Week 18

Week 19 to Week 28


Beechwood will assist clients in analyzing the merits of a specific targeted acquisition transaction, determining the optimal acquisition structure for the transaction and arranging for the necessary financing to complete the transaction. We then negotiate and structure the purchase terms with the seller.

As part of the analysis undertaken for clients, Beechwood will complete a Strategic Compatibility Analysis to identify potential acquisition candidates. 

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